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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon Island League[RP]

Nikolai Reisan
Island 7

OOC: sory guys, im going to be on hiatus most of friday and this weekend i'll be back either late sunday or monday i'm visiting family over the weekend :)

Nikolai stood in the training room of his Island Dome. He had just finished a round of sparing with Blue, his Lucario. His muscles were trembling, sweat beaded his skin, and the session was not an easy one. It lasted for a whole seven minutes. Nikolai was catching his breath, leaning against the ropes of the sparing ring they were in. He looked over his shoulder and saw that Blue was still full of energy.

Nikolai let a sigh escape his lips as he said, “How do you still have so much energy left Blue?”

The Lucario looked up and gave his trainer a look that plainly said, “It’s obvious isn’t it? I’m a Pokémon and you’re not.”
“Ah well, let’s take a break, today’s been slow. What, we’ve had only one challenger today? He wasn’t all that strong either.” Nikolai said.

Blue just stretched apparently lost in thought, thinking of the challenger and how he alone defeated the three Pokémon. He looked down and shot another look at Nikolai that said, “We haven’t had a strong challenger in a while….”

“Isn’t that the truth? Well let me take a shower, and we can go for a jog around the town. White will be here if anyone comes.” Nikolai said as he headed out of the ring and went towards the door to the showers.

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