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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon Island League[RP]

Lyla Emony
Island 1
10:01 A.M.

Lyla remembered she had promised to meet Niall at his island to hang out. "I need to meet Niall soon, but I also love training with Mimoto! I guess I could go pick up Mimoto and head over to Niall's island. We can train and hang out there," Lyla exclaimed to herself. Lyla grabbed a poke ball from her pink hand bag with heart desings all over it. Lyla took out a poke ball with a heart seal on it. "Heart let's take to the skies!" Lyla exclaimed as she tossed the poke ball into the air. The red and white sphere span and then opened in the sky. Hundreds of red hearts fanned out and then combined to form a pokemon. A Togekiss appeard in the sky. Heart landed in front of Lyla. Lyla climbed on top fo Heart and flew towards to Island 2. Since its Mimoto's day off we should train like we always do. Heart and Lyla flew to Island 2. It wasnt that far away but it still took some time to arrive on Island 2. Lyla loved the wind in her hair and Heart loved flying with Lyla.
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