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Default [RP]Pokemon Island League[RP]

Hey Guys! I'm back! And this time better than ever! I've been preparing this RP for a long time in wait for the day I get my internet back! This time I'm not going to rush everything, I've learned now that we should slow down and enjoy things now while we can.


Far off the coast of the Battle Zone are eight islands that surround one bigger island. According to old folk legend the island in the center is where all the legendary pokemon used to gather. The reason to this day is still unknown...

Now it is used for what we call the Island League. On each of the eight smaller islands there lies an Island Dome. Each Island Dome is lead by an Island Master. Trainers from far and wide come to challenge the Island Master. By defeating all eight Island Masters you gain entrance into the Island League, where all the best of the best battlers compete for the title of Island King/Queen. The Island League is held on the great colosseum on the center island. Winning this is very prestigous. Both coordinators and trainers come to compete, but there are requirements. Each trainer must have at least competed once in either a Grand Festival or any league from any region.

Each Island goes by a number. Island number one is north of the the center island. Then the rest of the islands go clockwise around the center island (The Grand Island).

But lately some strange things have been occurring on the islands. Storms are occurring more often, the wild pokemon appear less than they used to on the islands, the ocean currents are fierce sometimes, and there have been strange pokemon attacks.

~Your Role~

You can either be an Island Leader or a challenger. Both will have an equal opportunites at adventure. This is the big time! Challengers are being flown here on a plane and than a boat will take them to any island they wish. Leaders are awaiting the challengers.

~Sign Ups~

1.) No bunnying, godmodding, or flaming.
2.) All regular forum rules apply
3.) Keep it PG-13. (No sex or french kissing (making out), only slight kissing. No bloodshowers. Cuts and brokebones acceptable)
4.) At least a paragraph in each post.
5.) Proofread not neccessary, but try to use correct grammar and spelling.
6.) No legendaries
7.) Only three characters
8.) Have fun!!
9.) Leaders do not need a specific type
10.) You don't have to challenge the islands in order
11.) Fifth generation pokemon are allowed

Island Leaders are awaiting challengers at their islands. The Challengers have just arrived by plane. They are at the Center Island.

Lyla Emony
Island One
10:00 A.M.

Lyla stood in the center of her Island Dome. It had white walls with heart and star designs on the walls. There were curtains on the entrance of the Dome and the opposite side of the entrance. A battle stage was in the center and a stands on left and right sides of the battle field. Above both of the section of stands were scoreboards.

Lyla stood in the center of her contest like stage. Lyla smiled as she looked at her dome. "I know its my day off but I can't stay away from my dome. I hope Niall likes it," Lyla whispered to herself. She walked off the stage and outside of her dome.

Her island had the usual as all the other islands. A hotel for challengers to stay at, a pokemon center and a pokemon shop. Lyla felt the morning sea breeze blow against her body and her long hair. She loved the feeling of the ocean against her, it made her feel free. "I can't wait to share this with Niall," Lyla exclaimed. Since we both have the same day off we can spend sometime together for once in a long time! Lyla smiled like she never had before at the thought of Niall. She walked to the edge of the island. At this part of the island it had beach-like sand. Lyla sat there and felt the sea breeze against her. She was where she knew was her destiny. She felt happy.

Dax Hansen
Center Island
10:00 A.M.

Dax had walked around the Center Island. The crystal dome that was in the center of the island is where the Island League would be held. Once I collect all 8 island symbols I will conquer here. Dax walked off to the north end of the island.There were eight boats there with signs of numbers on them. Each boat would leave soon and take you to your desired island. Dax hopped onto the sixth boat. Looks like I will challenge Island Leader 6 The boat was white with a red under surface. It had several tables and chairs on its main deck. Dax sat at one of the tables and began reading a book. He felt he could win this easily.

Rosalina Martin
Island Number 6
10:00 A.M.

Rosalina stood in the center of her dome. Her dome was a castle-like-one. The walls were stone and chrome floors. The battle field was made of black cobble stone. On right and left side of the battle field were fancy tables and chairs. The chairs were these very refined and expensive looking lime green chairs. The wooden table was also very expensive and soft, smooth wood.

" dome is the most gorgeous of all the other lousy Island Leaders! And I am without a doubt the best of them all," Rosalina arrogantly stated to herself. She walked her cat walk out of her dome and out to the island. Rosalina stood there with her long red hair blowing in the wind. "This sea breeze totally makes me look radiant. Now if only there were more cute guys on the island then it would be paradise!" Rosalina exclaimed. She walked down to the beach part of the island and stood there. Rosalina smiled her arrogant smile. I so deserve all of the island as great as I am. She stood there with her hands on her hips.
Credit to Lynchy Pokemon lives forever!

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