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Default Re: ~Nothing Lasts Forever~ A Pokemon Roleplay ~Not Even Legends~ (Roleplay)

Lésha grumbled as she flew towards the cliff. She would have to get the timing right, but it was okay if she didn't. Just annoying. Her Fearow's descent from the clouds started slowing and Lésha leaped. She flew through the air and grasped the side of the cliff, pulling herself up next to another girl who was sitting there. Lésha zipped open her rucksack and pulled out a potion bottle marked empty. She took two vials of liquid from her pocket and poured them into the empty bottle. Sparks danced around the potion bottle, but Lésha took no notice.

Her Fearow cried out and brought Lésha a bag. She stuck a hand into it and pulled out quite a few berries. As she put them in the bottle, the berries were burned with a horrible "hsssssssss" and turned into liquid. Lésha took a spoon and stirred her potion, pulling out the black-coloured spoon and cleaning it till it was silver again. She pulled out her black marker and crossed out the EMPTY label, instead writing STATUS HEALER + 50 HP RECOVERY. She called her Fearow back and released a Luxray which looked so poorly.

She tipped the Luxray's head up and the Luxray willingly opened her mouth as Lésha poured the liquid into her mouth. Lésha stopped halfway as her Luxray suddenly twitched and spun round before jumping into the air. Then her Luxray started shooting around like a deflating balloon. Lésha put the potion back in her bag and put the empty vials into her pocket while watching the crazed antics of her Pokémon.

Lésha let out a sharp whistle and Spark ran over, sitting by Lésha.

"That must have been the wrong vial. Probably crazy liquid instead of sleep liquid," she said aloud and then remembered there was a girl sitting next to her.

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