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Default Re: Origin of the universe?

I am a bit of a mixed bag with creationism and Big Bang.

Scientists have proved that all matter, galaxies and such, are moving in such a way that if you were to reverse the movement of the travel path of the galaxies, they would converge into a single point. This gives credibility to the Big Bang theory. However, something needed to exist for the Big bang to occur, and that is where the Divine comes in. In many religions, including my own, a single word is the catalyst. In Christianity, it is simply refered to as The Word. In the Kemetic Orthodox and ancient Egyptian faith, the word was Ma'at (Order, justice, peace, compassion and righteous action), so that would lead me to believe that to create the universe where nothing existed, to create the Big Bang, something not made of matter or atoms had to exist, henceforth a God or Goddess or simply a Divine Being, a Will of the Universe, call it whatever you desire.
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