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Default ~Nothing Lasts Forever~ A Pokemon Roleplay ~Not Even Legends~ (Roleplay)


Nothing lasts forever...

You take a deep breath as you stare at The Stone. It gleams before you, shining like the sun. Behind its pedestal is the body of Dialga, cold and limp and lifeless. You turn to look behind you, where a crowd of Pokémon and humans is gathered. They look at you expectantly, all of them waiting for you to touch The Stone. But you don’t want to, even though everyone says you’re Dialga’s Chosen. If you touch The Stone, and they’re wrong, you will die.
You turn back towards The Stone. It pulses with the energy that's still there in Dialga's body, glowing blue. Little motes and flashes swirl within it, and you look at it, transfixed.
Fearfully, but almost without meaning to, your hand goes out and you touch The Stone.
You don't feel anything at first. Then, suddenly, there it is: a light tingling in your fingers. It spreads quickly up your arm and into the rest of your body, making you feel cold and hot at the same time. Your eyesight begins to change, too: the sky seems so much bluer, the grass so much greener. Dialga's limp body begins to glow with a faint blue aura. At first you feel afraid, but then you just feel happy. Energy fills your body and the world seems to move in slow-motion. As you watch, Dialga's body begins to fade into specks of glowing blue energy. The specks dissolve into you, and suddenly you know the power of a Time Lord.
Then, the world goes black, but when you wake, you know you will have been Bonded with Dialga. You know you will have, albeit limitedly, some of his powers. And eventually, you will become a Dialga yourself.

...Not even Legends.


The plot is like this.
Team Rocket, years after Giovanni (allegedly) killed himself because he couldn't put up with his idiot grunts being foiled by ten year old children. A new person has taken over Team Rocket in his stead - a powerful, mysterious woman named Lyz. Not much is known about her except that she is smart, ruthless, and apparently drop-dead gorgeous. She was the one who caused this whole thing.
You see, she wondered what would happen if you grafted a Pokémon's DNA into a human's. The answer: a freakish mutant with hours left to live. Lyz refused, however, to be swayed, and eventually she found out that a small portion of the population of the diverse regions had a special DNA trait, which could mutate at any time. These humans survived the grafting process, and Team Rocket quickly scooped up more of these people, making them able to change from human to Pokémon to Pokémorph at a second's notice. These mutants became known as the Fused. Team Rocket used all types of torture to get the Fused to obey them, often successfully. They quickly loosed the Fused into the world, and they attacked the regions, quickly establishing dominance over rival Teams.
Then, Lyz had a BETTER idea. The Fused - mixed with Legends.
She tried as hard as she could, but each time, the mutants would die during the grafting process. Finally, in desperation, she searched lore. Finally she found it: a mysterious Stone, which could absorb a dying being's energy and pass it onto another, albeit with the dying one's approval. Eager, she hunted down The Stone, took it - and her Pokémon - and killed Celebii. With its dying breath - for it felt The Stone, and did not want its power to be lost - a name fell from its lips, and the Stone took its energy into it. Lyz found the one Celebii had named, and forced the boy to touch The Stone. He merged with Celebii, gaining its abilities - albeit in a weaker form - and Lyz knew that, with time, he would become Celebii.
He was the first Bonded.
However, a group of furious Pokemon managed to steal The Stone away from Lyz. In rage, she began to have her grunts kill every Legend they could find. All their energies went to The Stone, and within it all their Chosen were remembered.
Within a year, the Legends were dead.
At this, a seer Alakazam looked into The Stone, and heard every name within it. He passed the knowledge on to his fellow Pokemon, and all of them began to search for the Chosen ones, to Bond with their Legendary, as Team Rocket's war rages across the world and the Legends' powers are needed back, desperately.
And now, the questions are thus: will you become a Bonded? Or a Fused? Will you join Team Rocket, or just become a normal Trainer or Pokemon?
It's up to you!

Setting plox?

All the regions eventually, but let's just focus on Kanto for now.

What's the Point of this RP, Anyway?

Well, I'm glad you asked. The aim of the game is to defeat Team Rocket's evilness if you're Good, and to capture the Bondable and the Fuseable - killing all others - if you're Bad. That's it, really, the rest's self-explanatory - I think.
(P.S.: Just so you know, the Bonded are all humans and only have mini versions of their Legend's powers)

1. No bunnying, flaming, godmodding, etc.
2. Please, no swearing without bleeps.
3. Be straight. And take it to the PMs if you want to do anything but light kissing. For me?
4. Be active. Pwese don't disappear.
5. Remember, I rule the world. If you disobey me I will hunt you down.
6. Be kind. If you have a dispute, that's what PMs are for.
7. Kinda redundant, but obey the rules.
8. Oh, yeah, and normal Trainers sadly don't get powers.
9. Only one bonded per person plz.

Our Characters

Name: Lyz
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age(Assume Pokémon live as long as humans do): 42
Description: A tall, pale, bleach-blonde woman with an imposing bearing. Hazel eyes.
Personality: Cold, cruel, stern, and ruthless.
Background: Unknown, but is thought to have led another Team before now. Has some sort of history with Chrissie.
Side: Evilllll!
Bonded?: No, thank goodness.
Fused? No, thank goodness. (Aeon)

Name: Chrissie
Species: Lugia-human
Gender: Female
Age(Assume Pokémon live as long as humans do): 16
Description: Tall-ish, just by an inch or so, with honey-colored hair and grey eyes.
Personality: Smiles a lot. She's pleasant, kind, witty, and resourceful. She thinks a lot, often drifting into her own little world. She's just the slightest bit paranoid.
Background: Not really known. She reportedly lived in a faraway region named Eos, but when Lyz took over Team Rocket she traveled to Kanto to stop her. She bonded with Lugia within a week, and her psychic abilities are well-developed. Sometimes she can even change into a half-Lugia.
Side: Good, yayz!
Bonded?: Yesh. (Aeon)

Name: Lésha (say Lay-shh-ah)
Species: Rayquaza-human
Gender: Female
Age(Assume Pokémon live as long as humans do): 14
Description: Lésha has a tail identical to Rayquaza's, only shorter. It has grown out of her tail bone. She has Rayquaza's patterns down her arms and back. The center of her face is a pale green but the rest of her skin is peach.
Personality: Lésha has a kind heart but a sharp tongue. She is a natural born leader and takes charge often.
Background: Her mother taught her to knit and how to brew potions. Lésha's mother actually runs a company that makes amazing tasting potions but they still contain medicinal properties. Lésha usually travels with yarn and balls of string in her pocket with her knitting needles. Lésha always buys coats with pockets on the inside, where she stores quite a few bottles that can contain liquid ingredients and ingredients. She carries a bag which contains her potion bottles, some full and some empty, all labelled so. She keeps a black marker in her bag as well to change them.
Side: Good
Bonded?: Yes (Dark Moonlight)

Name: Rikku
Species: Mew-Human
Gender: Female
Age(Assume Pokémon live as long as humans do): 16
Description: Rikku looks like an ordinary first. She has two pink Mew ears poking out her head and a long pink Mew tail the follows from the end of her tail bone. She wears a light pink short sleeved shirt. Light green cargo pants that have a hole for her tail to poke through. She doesn't wear socks or shoes. She also has a pink bag with the strap across her chest.
Personality: Rikku is a bouncy girl and loves to play. She hates fights but will take part only if she has to.
Background: Rikku was on ordinary child she had friends and loved to play. The only strange thing about her was that she loved to stare at the sky. She had her own world were she could do anything. The sky in her world was amazing.
Side: Good
Bonded?: Yes (Monday)

And begin.
I laughed, I cried, I testified;
And in the end found this world altogether lacking.

Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D
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