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Default Re: [MMORPG] Chibitos [A Fakemon Game]


1st. We have backs for every fakemon we have done.
2nd. We are currently working on putting seasons and day/evening/night features. The Seasons are now being made by editing the tiles. We have a lot of snow tiles already made by us. And the day/evening/night feature will be added in a week or two.
3rd. We have implanted a Tiles Animation System so our tiles will be Animated.
4th. We have also been working on the OW Sprites and we have already 7 done and more are coming.
5th. Since every game needs a back story, we are going to make single player games using RPG Maker XP. So if anyone wants to help us out with this it would be great.

And so here is the first town for the MMORPG Chibitos. What do you think needs changing? Don't talk about the shadows of the houses 'cause i really don't know how to give shadows so that one is an issue i'm aware of. Another one are the lightposts. Some people say that it doesn't look bad and others say that it does look bad. What do you think? (And yes i love the 3rd Gen Tiles)

P.S: Don't mind that sprite appearing everywere. It was the only way i could take the pic of the map.

I forgot to mention that the map isn't really done there are missing cars to the top of the map. But i don't really have the tiles for that yet. And the beach will have more things and so will the water.


And i've also added a new pic of how the in game will be like. Hope you guys like it. And our Custom Sprite will be that one appearing on the pic.
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