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Default Re: New Pokemon game

Originally Posted by Necrid View Post
Hi I have this really good idea for a Pokemon game i want to do with RPG XP i have it installed and everything but I need help since i have no experience at all in making games with RPG XP so if anyone wants to help or teach me then it would be really appreciated and I'm new but I will not quit on my project i swear on my life^^ And i am a very fast learner too^^
My comment? Sounds good but..... I think the starters are pretty darn ugly.. I mean the water type one looks like a weird otter and the fire one's a funny looking piggy. The only one I think is alright looking is the grass one.. funny looking lizards aren't that bad... As for the legendaries, their so cool I can't figure out which game to buy because it's a tough choice...
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