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Originally Posted by Gamedude View Post
1. Welcome to the most amazing Game Project Fourm on Pe2k. I dont think you will be comeing back but that's just my guess.
2. When making a topic for your game project, it may help to include some more info for example; What style (Pearl or Ruby?), Plot (is it just a normal game or is there somting different)
3. You may want to also want to tell us what kinda of Pokemon to spirte for example; Dark/Water Starter? You want a pokemon with wings?
4. You also might want to be more of active member on the site so people know this game project is more "real". We have tons of n00bs who just make acount, and start a project then leave!
5. Try PM or VM members on the site for help!

Have a nice day :D
How many people are already on this project?
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