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Default Re: How often do you write?

Originally Posted by Doodlebop View Post
I have issues with not writing. Actually, I really have issues with finishing things. I tend to hit a brick wall, stare at the screen, then decide it's stupid and go cry in my emo corner. xD Lazy meee.

I do a great deal of writing in my head, especially at night. Getting it on paper, now that's a problem.
When did you become me? Seriously, Lol. It's my emo corner and my writers block and emotions of "It's dumb, don't post it"

Like he said I tend to write every day... I'm on a forum :O and on some other ones. But stories and such I don't write often as I am rarely ever inspired and when I do thats when my "Your a idiot, this is dumb, why would you think of posting this" emotion kicks in.

Yet planning of writing a story for URPG... Let's just hope its good enough and is graded this year...

I get the motivation and idea normally in the day as I put work aside in school and tend to do it when I get home. I rarely ever write in the morning as I got more important things (Apparently school is important) to do.

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