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Default Re: Origin of the universe?

By Team Pokemon:

And who told you that it was inpired by God. The person who wrote it himself. But even if he/she told you that, how do you know he/she was not crazy or simply lying?
This is precisely what I was getting at when I said what I said to Scubadiver. If you have faith in your religion, bring justification to why you think that religion is true. This should be the attitude of a truth seeker.

Although what Ive said above is from a religiously-unbiased POV, let me drop a line here from my own bias since we've gotten to that point: I have justification for my religion, so I have reason enough to believe it.

Originally Posted by Professor Geoffrey View Post
I know I'm probably going to be criticized for saying this, but I am a Christian. A very reasonable one, but a Christian nonetheless. God did create the heavens and the earth, or at least started the chain reaction that led to what it is now. Now, I do commend everyone's will or need to have a belief as to how the universe was created, but Christianity isn't as overrated as many people make it out to be. Sure, we are told it is unfathomable as to how God formed everything and planned from beginning to end, or how, to recite the popular Bible quote, "I knew you," before He even made Adam or Eve, or even light itself. I belive science and Christianity go hand and hand. God did tell us to seek the truth; He has and always will encourage quenching our thirst for knowledge and the elimination of ignorance. He knew many people were not going to believe in Him because He didn't want to mess with free will; it says so in the Bible if you look carefully enough, and it even says that it will happen to such a large scale in the Book of Revelations.

However, I am disappointed that some in this thread persist to bring up their belief that "fearing that there is no purpose in life" is not a very good reason to believe. I know you're allowed to believe what you want, but it's definitely not a bad reason to believe what you do. It's the general fuel for belief, which often leads to different reasons why we believe what we believe. But that's just my two cents.
I dont agree nor disagree with your first cent (para lol), since thats only assertion you have given us and not evidence or pragmatic reason. Im not saying Christianity doesnt have pragmatic reason or anything. But just that you havent provided them, if there are any.

About your second thread: let me drop a cent of my own here, emotion is never good justification for what you believe. Im a Muslim, and the thought of me becoming a Christian is pretty scary(since paradigm shift is something man fears). However, if let this feeling of fear take hold of my rational judgement and I do not give Christianity any benefit of doubt on this premise of emotions, that wouldnt really be justifiable. Im risking my salvation here, cant let emotion guide my judgment. Thats too unsafe.

This reminds me of Blaise Pascal: you can only live happily once the internal duel of reason vs. emotion is minimized and both coexist peacefully together (wording mine, thought his, though later shared by me). ^_^

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