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Default Re: Origin of the universe?

Thank you very much for this chance to answer back.
Forgive me if its my own imagination, but is that tone condescending?

As you said, you were afraid. Many people want life to have a meaning, because they are frightened by the fact that they may be completely responsible of their actions and that there is nobody stronger to protect them.
That is not at all where I was and am coming from. Its not because of the fact that I have to take responsibility for my own actions, because thats the way it is even though Im a believer of God and Predestination. People have to take responsibility of what they do, and should consider the consequences. And I was definitely not suffering from lack of protection at all. As I clearly said earlier, the thought that Life has no Meaning was the cause of my worries, that is it. Please dont read into my situtation things that werent present to begin with.

But it's a factor that doesn't allow us to think clearly.
I disagree with that. You can give a scary thought enough benefit of doubt too. I have considered Christianity as a religion as well. The thought of shifting my intellectual paradigm whole was scary, but that didnt prevent me from rationally looking into it and taking a decision regarding it. It would only disallow us to think clearly if we dont have that urge to have rational reaosns for our conviction.

It prevents us from seeing or accepting the truth, which is that we have no actually actual proof of God's existence
I strongly urge you to read my first post in this thread, Ive discussed the issue of Evidence of God and the requirement of it etc in some detail. Not too much detail though.

And being an atheist doesn't necessarilly mean that you believe there is no meaning in life. It means you believe in anything you want, but without being loyal or believing in the one/ones (I am reffering to gods, God, deities etc) the other religions do.
If by an atheist you mean a believer in deterministic materialism, then there is no deeper meaning of Life. What the atheists determine as their "purpose" of life is they take a fragment out of their life, make it a goal to achieve, and magnify it to such an extent so that they substitute the big picture of life with this fragmental view of reality. Again, refer to my first post, because I ve talked about it there as well.

As for being Loyal and or Submitting to this or that Deity, thats besides the issue. If you label that as the sole meaning of life according to theists, then theists would say atheists have no meaning in life. But again, thats besides the issue. Since The believer in Deterministic materialism only believes things that appear to them and not any meaning behind it. What is the meaning of me sitting here writing this? The meaning is Im sitting here, and writing this. Thats it. Theres no meaning to it. That is what deterministic materialism is.

However, I don't want to be an atheist because a) it seems like you reject everything and feels you are alone
If you are a Christian only because of your worry that leaving christianity would make you feel alone, then I think that is not a rational behavior, and from an intellectual viewpoint, such attitude is, no offense, deplorable. You want to accept something, judge it on the balance of rational thought. Want to reject something? same Criterion apply. Doing or not doing something out of emotion, well lets just say emotion isnt the right motivation in such things.

I do agree with what Christianism says about unity, peace, balance, cooperation.
Richard Carrier writes, I dont see why these traits need to be called "Christian" and not simply "human". : )
All human evil comes from a single cause, man's inability to sit still in a room. - Blaise Pascal
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