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Post Re: Origin of the universe?

I have been a Muslim for three years now, and there was one time when I thought about becoming an atheist. I pondered over this for three days, and I was afraid at the mere thought of living life without any purpose or meaning.
Thank you very much for this chance to answer back. As you said, you were afraid. Many people want life to have a meaning, because they are frightened by the fact that they may be completely responsible of their actions and that there is nobody stronger to protect them. It's normal ofcourse, I do too. But it's a factor that doesn't allow us to think clearly. It prevents us from seeing or accepting the truth, which is that we have no actually actual proof of God's existence, and thus thinking about life's meaning over.
And being an atheist doesn't necessarilly mean that you believe there is no meaning in life. It means you believe in anything you want, but without being loyal or believing in the one/ones (I am reffering to gods, God, deities etc) the other religions do. I was having the same warries, as I am a christian but not fully agree with everything Christianism says (eg life after death). However, I don't want to be an atheist because a) it seems like you reject everything and feels you are alone b) I do agree with what Christianism says about unity, peace, balance, cooperation.

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