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Default Re: Origin of the universe?

Originally Posted by Team Pokemon View Post
I totally agree! Well, not totally totally. We need to live the fullest, but helping others, humans or not, to do so too. And that universe was not necessarily made, because this means, or sounds like at least, that somebody made it.
OH! and when i die, im gona go out with a bang:

Death 1 Heart attack: I would grab my gameboy, turn it on and when i die, its gona say pokemon ruby.

Death 2 Hit by a car: I would smile

Death 3 Get shot: Im gona be all extra dramatic and start rolling on the floor and waving my arms!

Death 4 Some body pulled the plug: I would throw that thing that measures my heart beat at the person.

Death 4.5 Somebody pulled the plug: I would push the nurse button and the rest i cant say. its to graphic. and its not what your thinking about.

So yeah.

If i had to live life to the fullest, i would make the best video game in the world.
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