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Default Re: Pink Leon's Paradise! ~ 9-26-10: Dad mug / gift -- purchasable specialty item

Really sorry for the double post -- I hope no one minds it.

I made something new, and this is something I've never done before...

This is Gordon the horse. He's my horse character. 1 of the 2. The other is Seth.
Gordon is Copyright material of Ariel M. Anderson / Pink-Leon (myself)

You can buy this as a mug! It could make a great gift for fathers!
**Note: the watermark will not be present on the product.
No, I'm not saying you have to, or that you should. It's only optional.

11 oz White mug: only $11.99 - $9.59!
15 oz White mug: only $12.99! $10.59!

**Discount in red; limited time offer!

You can order here!

If you are interested, but not sure, please check back in a few weeks! I will have snapshots of the product up within 2-4 weeks.

EDIT: Apparently not that soon.

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