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Default Re: [DS] The Institute

Originally Posted by Windchaser54321 View Post
Sweet, people like me.

Yeah, I was running out of awesomely awesome epic titles to give people. The Nice Guy just doesn't work, does it? So, tranland was right on the reason why I called him that. Negotiator for the win.

Yes. Anthony's going to kill her. Anthony's going to go batshit insane and kill everyone. Nah, just kidding- the knight is supposed to be a metaphor for his eccentricity, and, then, afterwards, I was like, "Hey, wait a minute!" So, yeah.
I suppose not.... Uhm... The... ah... I got nuthin'. /hit

Hmm, so what I can gather....

Marcus is the nice, moral support guy.

Vesper is... the girl... uhm... Yeah. She's difficult to define. The cynic?

Checkers seems to be anithero-ish. I dunno. Monday says he'll turn around, though.

Matthias is the smart one.

Dennis is the tough guy. OH YEAH. /hit

Aaaand Anthony is the one who's going to murder us in our sleep... Or while we're awake. Something tells me he's not picky. xD

THANK YOU CHAAAAR. *uberglomp*
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