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Default Re: [DS] The Institute

Sweet, people like me.

Originally Posted by Doodlebop View Post
I guess, but the idea of Marcus being crafty is kinda silly. xD Because he's not. Even if he was smart enough to be crafty, he wouldn't because he's too nice. Maybe Anthony thinks he is or something.
Yeah, I was running out of awesomely awesome epic titles to give people. The Nice Guy just doesn't work, does it? So, tranland was right on the reason why I called him that. Negotiator for the win.

Originally Posted by tranland View Post
LOVING the chess metaphor. Because Vesper is queen. HAH. But that also means Anthony will try to kill her???
Yes. Anthony's going to kill her. Anthony's going to go batshit insane and kill everyone. Nah, just kidding- the knight is supposed to be a metaphor for his eccentricity, and, then, afterwards, I was like, "Hey, wait a minute!" So, yeah.
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