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Default Re: [DS] The Institute

Originally Posted by tranland View Post
Nice sign up, Doodlebop. You just won like ten bonus points for making her female. Haha, jk. But seriously, anyone who wants to make a Rocket, go for it! Maybe I'll pick more than one...
Cool. :)

Well, you're allowed to have two characters, so I figured it would be fine. :P

Lol, I like Anthony comparing everyone to chess pieces... But I can't figure out who Marcus is... O.o

Originally Posted by Windchaser54321 View Post
The Enemy was the king- the most valuable piece on the board, but also the weakest. The Moody One and the Feraligatr-morph were rooks- powerful and blunt. The Shapeshifter and the Negotiator were craftier, less sharp edges and more smoke and mirrors. They were the bishops.

Which leaves the Female as the queen: the most powerful piece on the board. And the knight? It suits. The knight is the only piece capable of taking out the queen without the queen being able to eliminate him. And the queen is the key.
Uh, is he the Negotiator...? Because Marcus is not crafty. xD He's not smart enough. But the metaphors and stuff is really cool.

I really like all our characters. No one is similar, so this should be interesting. Either they'll be really tight, or rip each others head's off. xD

THANK YOU CHAAAAR. *uberglomp*
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