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Default Re: Sprite Guides and Tutorials II Project - [Post to help!]

~Your username: Tokyokit (Again, call me Tokyo)
~What is the tutorial teaching us? Inverts.
~Link to the tutorial: Click here! *Annoys you and keeps on saying Click Here until you click*
~Do you have any results to following the tutorial? Well, there is the one in the tut. Otherwise I don't wish to post them, I like this one best anyway.

~What's this tutorial all about?: It's about making the normally recolored invert correctly.
~What Program is this for: Paint (Vista, Xp, and seven)
~Difficulty level? Beginners/amateurs
~Video Recording?: No, sorry.
~How many pages to this tutorial? Pages: One.
~Have any tips? Don't mess with deh black.
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