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Default Re: When the cat is away... [AIM Contest Event]

Originally Posted by DarkGardevoir View Post
It's finished, and it was all fun and all until somebody disappointed me.

Tcheh. Post here or on bmg to claim your prizes.

-Gray Pokeblock; Luster 61; Cool 49; Cute; 153; Tough 10
Platinum Pokeblock; Luster: 56; Cool: 45 Beauty: 61 Tough: 72
Aipom with 182 Luster, 0 Tough, 90 Cool, 0 Smart, 0 Beauty, 205 Cute (8k)
Spoink 20k
Here to claim these. First I shall pay 28 k. Then take my 4k. Leaves me @ 264.5k. Thanks for the Event, DG <3

Edit 1 : I'll take the extra 1k from Festival. 265.5k left.


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