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Default Re: [DS] The Institute

Thanks for taking care of that, Monday. Nice save. :)

Yeah, we opened SO fast. But I figured we needed a timely start, especially because we already had six people waiting. I had to put a cap on the number of players allowed to join. Any more than eight and I think it will be too hard to follow. So we've got one spot left for a Rocket, haha. Whoever posts the best Rocket sign up gets the part! No harm in a little friendly competition.

Originally posted by Doodlebop
Ahaha, poor Vesper. The boys outnumber her 5 to 1 (6 to 1, if you count Dennis). Something tells me she won't let this slow her up, though. xD
And yes, @Doodlebop, poor Vesper. But I think there will be plenty of opportunities for romance and rivalry.

Lookin good, everybody.

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