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Default Re: VPP Breeder Stats

Name: Gun6

Age: 13

Current VPP: Magnemite -> Magneton -> Magnezone
Hatches @ 1507 Posts
Evolves to Magneton @ 1582 Posts
Evolves to Magnezone @ 1622 Posts
Level 100@ 1792 Posts

1. Wigglytuff (Normal)
2. Solrock and Lunatone (Rock / Psychic)
3. Medicham (Fighting / Psychic)
4. Luvdisc (Water)(Baby)
5. Electrode (Electric)


1x Normal
1x Rock
1x Fighting
2x Psychic
1x Electric

4x Pokemon

Next time: Undecided.

Goal: My favorite pokemon!
If you want to challenge my gym, please send me a PM on PE2K or message me on AIM (gun6gun6) ! I'm sorry if I can't respond immediately sometimes. :x

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