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Default The Pokemon Roulette! *The Roullete Board has started*

The Pokemon Roulette!

This game has entertained many users on the internet, and it was thought of by yours truly.

The Rules/Gameplay.

To start off, there will be a total of 30 players.

In order to win, you must have the most points. You can recieve points by guessing the "mystery pokemon".

Every day the "mystery pokemon" changes. In the morning, i will post a riddle for you to get a clue on what the pokemon is. I may post another riddle if someone grabs the first one. but i will post a alert sayng I will.

You only get one (1) guess a day.

To become the winner, you must have 20 points.


Through out the game, I may post a alert sayng there will be a bonus question. I will post the time of which the bonus will be given.

There are (3) types of bonuses:

1. Pin-point bonus- If you guess the pokemon wrong, you can negate that and answer again.

2. Charge bonus-You will earn double of the amount of you will recieve by guessing a pokemon right. (Rare Bonus)

3. Arceus bonus- This bonus has 2 effects: -You can guess up to 3 times. or, -You can Triple the amount you will receive. (Super rare bonus)

You CANNOT have 2 of the same bonuses.

Now you dont have to use the bonus once you get it. I will save the bonus on the roster. But you MUST use them after 2 riddles have gone by or i shall delete them.


Sign-ups start in 3....2....1.....GO!

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