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Default Re: [DS] The Institute

Hi guys~ Great start so far. Everybody just jumped at that open thread, haha. I do have a note for Monday -- sorry if I wasn't clear, but the pokemon your character has are being held in another part of the Institute. Team Rocket won't just let you have a pokemon - essentially a weapon - would they? Naw. If you want them back, you'll have to find a way to get them back. Go adventuring and whatnot. And once you break all those rules, you'll probably have to escape, so it'll likely be a pretty drawn out thing, right? Once you're out, not much left to do in the RP is there? :D

No worries, not a problem; but please fix it when you get the chance. It shouldn't be too hard. You could have Checkers remembering his Charmander, perhaps?
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