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Default Re: New Character Designs

You know, now that I really look at it,
I think Ash's eyes suit him better than the before ones.
Because isn't he supposed to be like, innocent and a goody-two-shoes?

Those look like goody-two-shoes eyes to me.

Originally Posted by Rival Silver View Post
Which is why when we combine the Garys we get this Elite Gary with a awsome shirt of purple epicness and a sweet new ride! *puts sunglasses on*

But back on the "Ash" matter. The face that close up and new does seem quite girlish but it adds detail to the eyes which Ash has seriously lacked. That, added with the new clothes, does seem to pull off a girlish look for quite some time.

I wish to see this new Ash at a diffrent perspective.

I also revoke my earlier comment about the Artist being eaten by a Snorlax, he gets to be eaten by a Munchlax instead.
... c: Red-hair Gary + Purple shirt + New Shading + Super car = perfection.

I just think. Hmm. I hope Ash gets a new voice to match his new look. :I

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