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Default Re: sammy0295's Sprite Shop

Originally Posted by Tokyokit View Post
Pokemon: Glaceon
Pose: It doesn't matter to meh.
I'm working on it

Originally Posted by Master Groudon View Post

Pokemon: Groudon

please! i always say please....
Sorry, but I really can't get it to work for some reason. I'll try again later.

Originally Posted by Embersmoke View Post
If you want to then you can go ahead and re-create it in gold! :) So I will re-request for.......

Base Pokemon: Manaphy
Secondary Pokemon: (This time...) Piplup
Colors: Shiny Lugia :)
I did them both with both colors.

Originally Posted by Infernape Warrior View Post
Colorful Darkness
Pokémon: Infernape
Colors: Turquoise and Blue
Specific: The flame on the head

Pokémon: Buizel
Colors: Indigo and Violet
Specific: The ring and tail tips

Pokémon: Beautifly
Colors: Turquoise, Indigo, and Orange
Specific: Spots on Wing
(Turquoise = Red ; Indigo = Yellow/Gold ; Orange = Blue)
Hope you like 'em.

By the way, new rule only 2 chao requests at a time. Everything else is still unlimited.

Excuse me do you have a little girls room?
We used to, but we let them all go!

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