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Default Re: Shaking Grass?!!?1

Originally Posted by killanotha1 View Post
Lol, at that typo in the title >_< "?1".

Okay so I was/am in the forest (First forest??) and I soft resetted after a freeze :( and then I saw a patch of grass jiggling? Kind of like the chaining stuff in D/P/Pt but with no colorful glittery stuff. 'I step in and its that Pink bunny thing @_@! And then my fighting type crits it -__-;;;. But yea, Ive been thinking that I saw this grass before in game, I just didn't notice. @_@ Anyone else notice this?
That little pink bunny thing is said to be on all routes. If you see shaking grass then there is a high chance that it is that pink bunny thing.
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