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Default Re: Pink Leon's Paradise! ~ 8-24-10: ARBOK VS. SEVIPER! Who do you think should win?

Originally Posted by charizard ex View Post
Hey I was wondering if you could possibly make me a banner that has charizard and a salamence fighting in it and around it saying Burning Inferno? If it isn't too much trouble for you thanks. Also I really like the arbok and seviper drawing you have it is really good. Are you in any art programs?

Also I would vote for arbok to win in a fight, because arbok is awesome.
I would say okay, but I don't take requests. I'm horribly sorry. However, if I ever make
something that catches your interest, and you'd like to customize it (as a banner or avvy)
and use it, feel completely free to do so. =] All I ask is that if you ever happen to do that,
just give credit. You don't even need to ask.

Originally Posted by XaiakuX View Post
Now... I'd say I agree but seriously, me and Charbok wouldn't really fight anyways. It'd be a little nerdy girly slap fest and one of use would stop the minute we stubbed our toe or scraped our elbow on the way.
AAH you're hilarious! xDDDDD

Originally Posted by 3m0d0ll View Post
I love the sketches. They are incredible.
Thank you! You are very kind!

Aside from all of that, I'm sorry I haven't been around here in some time.
However, I've made something new that I want to share.

In celebration of the release of Black & White, I've made fanart of the new Pokemon, "Zuruggu".
It's my favorite so far! And it's evolution, Zuruzukin is nice, too!

So take a look if you care...

I will add it to the front page collection. However, I must remove one as well. *Removing Skyler and Eric; sketch of 2 dragons*

OH, we've got one more to add! *Taking down pink sneasel*

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