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Default [SLCalamity RP]

OoC: let's get the show started!

Ranger Brisbane
The Great Lakes

~The night was peaceful, cotton candy-like clouds travelled fast in the full moon sky, sometimes covering the night satellite and giving it a beautiful eerie surrounding aura.

Down on the ground, a lot of couples decided it was the perfect time to go lovey-dovey in the local park or more generally to go on a date.

Due to the rather late hour, a young couple was getting back from their dinner date; the woman, in her late thirties, was a living monument to make-up artists. Long brown silky hair, left loose in the breezy night, a tall, slender form, she was a model and, like all the other VIPs of her kind, she liked to hang around the elite area of Nozaar, which was the centre of the entertainment industry in Anipacam. She was wearing a long emerald green dress, matching her eyes- well, actually, matching her contact lens- and over it she had a matching light jacket. Despite wearing heels, she was walking rather fast, dangling her arms enjoying the walk home.

"This was so much fun!" she exclaimed, turning to her companion. "Let's do it again soon."~

"Hey Bris!" somebody called, taking me away from the novel I was reading. Curse you, collegue-with-definitely-bad-timing, it was starting to get good!

Eh, who am I kidding? It's always starting to get good when I'm reading. He's just interrupting. As usual. "Yea, John? What's wrong?"

The other guy waved a bunch of papers, and I already knew what was coming. "Some guy's coming to the lakes, and it's just me and you here. Head or tails?"

I sighed- I really didn't feel like doing the tour guide schtick today, but a job's a job, and I couldn't really turn it down. It could prove interesting, at least- I never fully esplored the Lakes section and it has always haunted me. "Meh, just hand the waiver over. I'm gonna do it."

He seemed genuinely surprised. Bet you didn't expect this, huh? I thought with a smirk as I swiped the faxed info about the guy I'd have to take. "Hm... his name's Sam, and he's taking a Swampert, a Lanturn and a Linoone... Well, I can't say it's that interesting a choice, but I guess it works, considering this place is all water." I stretched a little and quickly gathered my bearings, making sure I brought Maki, Kiri and Nebbia with me- if anything, they'd provide some amusement.

"Hm... yeah I guess." Man, I must've shocked him. "They tell me he's coming, so you'd better go wait for him outside."

"Sure thing, boss!" I playfully mocked him, then quickly left the Ranger Outpost. I started scanning my surroundings looking for any sign of somebody coming, since they never do bother to explain what exact transport they're going to use- sometimes it's a Pokemon teleporting, other times they have a Ranger give 'em a ride, we're pretty unorganized as far as this stuff goes, but it's funnier like this.

The outpost was placed near the northern border of the area, a trail passing through the thick woods and cutting towards straight from the registration offices- I always wondered why we only had a single dock on the island- it sure made it harder to keep track of any unauthorized access to the Park... I'll have to ask Jess at some point.

I suddenly called out my Espeon, Kiri, for the novelty of having somebody to chat with while waiting for my protegé to come...


Name: Sam
Location: Great Lakes
Total Items: (x1) Type repellent, (x4) Park Balls, (x1) Super Ball, (x1) Super Potion

Pokemon Stats (List your Pokemon Stats)

Pokemon: Swampert
Nickname: Alpha
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Nature: Hardy
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: HM Surf, TM Hidden Power [Poison], BM Curse, BM Mirror Coat

Pokemon: Lanturn
Nickname: Delta
Gender: Female
Ability: Illuminate
Nature: Lonely
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Rain Dance, Surf

Pokemon: Linoone
Nickname: Omega
Gender: Male
Ability: Pickup
Nature: Brave
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Surf, Toxic, Substitute

OoC: yeah, I know, kinda lame. Bear with me, I don't like introduction posts. Also, the excerpt of the "novel" is from a story of mine. Self-indulging, i know xP
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