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Default Re: The Pikachu Survivor Game - ☆Pikachu Counterstrike Edition!☆ [Sign up!]

Yes, more Pikachus people!

Originally Posted by Kaioo View Post
I can't wait for the Pikasome that is the Pikachu Survivor Game :)

I want the Pikaflu Tactical Nuke :P
Oh, question... Is there one avatar and banner for everyone, or different ones? :P
Everyone gets their own avatar and banner (yes, that means I made a whopping 39 banner and avatar combos for this game!). Yes, it does take some time to do all them, but its worth it!

Originally Posted by k_pop View Post
I was bummed when you retired and said you were done with this. Since you've been remodded I knew it was coming. I'M SO IN!! Put me in the game, coach! XD
Actually, this wasn’t the first thing I was thinking of when I got remodded, but shortly after I did, I was like “yeah, wait a minute, I can do that again!”

And so here it is.

Originally Posted by Dog of Hellsing View Post
Durr hurr, I remember when I joined one of these LOOOONG ago.

Count me in if there's still room ^^.
Yeah, its been a while. Good to see you come back though!

And there’s still plenty of room to go around, spread the word.


#1 – Kumori Gem
#2 – DarkMoonlight
#3 - -Pichu Boy-
#4 – Malcuz
#5 – Chromatic Entity
#6 – Phantom Kat
#7 - Sakuya_Izayoi
#8 - Kaioo
#9 – Tokyokit
#10 – Master Groudon
#11 – SLCalamity
#12 - Shen
#13 – Elecii
#14 – k_pop
#15 – JokesterJesse
#16 – Stardy
#17 – Hoshika
#18 – Nyurgh
#19 – Dog of Hellsing

21 Spots left!