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Default Re: How To Not Grade Like A Jerk

  • Do not write a whole bunch of Weak grades for any reason.
  • If a writer isn't interested in feedback and you know it, give them a good Basic grade that won't take much of your time (or theirs). BUT, don't give them an awful grade.
  • Don't fail Easiest fics. The exceptions: 1) The story is way too short. 2) The story is pretty much unreadable. 3) The Pokémon they're trying to capture isn't in the story. 4) The story is in a unique format, is pretty borderline, and you really feel like the author didn't put much effort into it. [As articulated by Alaskapigeon.]
  • Even if the evolved form of a capture dominates the story, if a writer wants to capture the unevolved form, it must be present in some sense.
  • Don't pass stuff that shouldn't be passed, sure, but don't overcompensate. More stories should be passed than failed. Our goal is to produce good advice for new writers, not beat everyone into producing literature.
  • Don't try to turn a new writer into a mimic of your favorite style. Figure out what they're trying to do, what their style is and their strengths are, and teach them how to do it better.

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