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Default Re: sammy0295's Sprite Shop

Originally Posted by Shock64 View Post
Pokemon: Shuppet
Pose: Whatever you can do it with

Thanks. ^_^
I accidentally posted two Gastly chao instead of the Shuppet, so here;

Originally Posted by Embersmoke View Post
Pokémon: I think I will choose a...... Phoine
Pose: Whichever you want. I don't prefer specific ones. :)
'Eer ya go

Originally Posted by pokejava View Post
pokemon: pichu
pose: the trumpet one
The ears are kinda funky, sorry.

Originally Posted by Tokyokit View Post
Oh, god. I was thinking about Glaceon, I thought I said Glaceon. Yeah, it's good.

Request time!

Colorful Darkness
Pokemon: Glaceon
Colors: Blue, purple, and pink.
Specific: The head thing blue or purple, and the tail tip blue or pink.
I actually think I like the Glameow better.

I think I'm going to stop promising I'll get things done by the next day, because I never do...

Excuse me do you have a little girls room?
We used to, but we let them all go!

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