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Default When the cat is away... [AIM Contest Event]

... the mice go WILD!

/random old proverb which totally doesn't fit the situation but is cute and cool and i'm rambling ain't i?

Now that summer's gone, we need something else to spice things up, and since Black&White are a long way to come here and as usual just HATE the contest board, I'll do something else entirely.

Soooo... Welcome to the first AIM Contest-related event hosted by me! No, it's not the first contest-related event, jsut the first I've done. Truth be told, I wasn't even supposed to do this meself, little Shock64 and Sec were tasked with this BUT! Since I haven't seen or heard anything from them- I'll just assume they're very busy- I'm gonna take this upon myself and look like a fat jolly out-of-season Santa Claus.

What will happen:
  • Be online at the time of the event and in the chat I've yet to name
  • Stuff will be given away- good stuff, they tell me
  • Some other stuff will be auctioned
  • A QUIZ! Because I know you guys are looking for one
  • Possibly, also a Festival, if the time allows. The prizes for this are F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S
  • More random stuff if I feel like it.

That's the gist of it.

So! I'm not entirely clear on the timeframe yet, but I was thinking to do this next week, possibly around Saturday. What you people think?

*thanks to Sec and Shock64 for the basics of this event. By reading this, you are agreeing not to misuse the possible rewards, while also negating any and every responsability for any property damage caused by clever appliance of said rewards
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