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Default Re: URPG In Black and White!

Originally Posted by Nyurgh View Post
Screw Ecruteak, Nyurgh is satisfied. :D

Also, I'm wondering how the 1st gym will play out, considering that it has 3 possible types.
Hmmm, perhaps the Leader could just pick which Type they want it to be, and it has to be that Type for at least one month before they can change it again? Either that or they choose a single Type for it to be for the duration of their reign as Leader.

Originally Posted by Elrond View Post
I'm actually hoping Meguroko isn't in the Mart. I want people to work for their OUs, dammit. xD Not that Infernape, Salamence, Metagross, and a few others aren't already there. :p
Heh, well, some of the Mon in the Mart are there because they're pseudo-Legends. Others are there because they're Starters. Whether or not they're OU doesn't really play into whether they're put into the Mart, I don't think. I think it's more based on stats and how hard they are to get.

Originally Posted by Ayotui View Post
dont forget about monozu (the pseudo-legend pre-evo) all the pseudo legends are already mart pokemon so i guess it will be too.

oh and i want to have yooterri first ( and never evolve it, its evo's are ugly)
I included Monozu next to Kibago. One of them for sure will go in (prolly Monozu) and maybe a chance of both.

I personally wanna get an Aaken. Their evo has bad-ass Speed and Offenses, though it's ugly and has a crap Ability. Ah well, it'll rape for the short time it's around XD.

Speaking of which, how do you see certain Mon being used? Warugiaru is probably gonna get the most use out of either Choice Scarf or Life Orb. I'm thinking Scarf so it can land first hits more often. With its high Attack and its Ability, if it can OHKO a lead Mon or something that gets switched in, it can become a threat quickly. Of course the only problem with any Choice Item is being stuck using that move, which can hurt more than help. Still, I think it's a viable option, though most people will probably stick with Life Orb or maybe Expert Belt if it has a diverse movepool.

I'm seeing Wargle as the new Staraptor. It's pretty much superior in every way save a 20-point difference in Speed (Wargle's is lower) and the fact that it doesn't get Intimidate. However, Encourage is almost as good. It already has a high Attack score, and I doubt it'll get many moves with secondary effects, so losing those effects wouldn't be a loss at all lol. Of course, depending on the movepool it may or may not actually turn out to be as good a Flying Mon as Star.

Sturdy is going to make certain Pokemon more viable, such as Aggron or Bastiodon. I can just see someone Focus Blasting Bast, it survives with that lovely 1 HP and then unleashes a Metal Burst ^^. If people aren't careful they might lose an important Mon that way.
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