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Default Re: The Pikachu Survivor Game - ☆Pikachu Counterstrike Edition!☆ [Sign up!]

Mmm, first batch of potential victims! Great to see some new timers as well!

Originally Posted by Kumori Gem View Post
I've never played before, but there's a first for everything, right?

Sure, count me in! I do love your awesome Pikachu banners. It's my highight of the year when I see people's sigs speckled with them! XD
Youll love this, Im sure. I have yet to see a person that joined this and didnt have a blast.

And yes, I love seeing people all over the forum with the avatars and banners.

Originally Posted by Dark Moonlight View Post
I am ready to sign up! (Goodbye Gardevoir Avatar. Goodbye sig. And when you change it, DON'T take out the Lazy banner! Please?!)

AKA: pi Pi pikaa Chu kaaa ka!
Ill try to remember, but save it just in case. If I forget, its okay if you add the lazy banner back in, just as long as you keep the Pikachu one.

Originally Posted by -Pichu Boy- View Post
... :D

I so want into this, please ^^

Also, just a question - say a Pikachu hits a Human on the bottom of the list with a Pikachu Power Size Hammer - would the person on the top of the list be affected (as in, the list cycles?)

Also, inb4influxofsurvivorgames
Mmm, good point, I forgot about that. Answer is yes, so for example, if you smacked person #40 with the Big Papa Raichu sized Volt Tackle Hammer, the people in slots #38, #39, #1, and #2 would be affected as well.


#1 Kumori Gem
#2 DarkMoonlight
#3 - -Pichu Boy-
#4 Malcuz
#5 Chromatic Entity
#6 Phantom Kat