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Default Re: The Pikachu Survivor Game - ☆Pikachu Counterstrike Edition!☆ [Sign up!]


These are special items that only Pikachus know how to use. If you become a Pikachu, you can still get in on the game… by turning the other humans into Pikachus as well and getting a great laugh while you do it! And if one of those humans was responsible for you becoming a Pikachu, why not get them back!? Let them know how much fun they’re missing out on! Meanwhile, included in this are items to help you block the other Pikachus from taking part in Blessed Cure challenges, in case you want to help your chances of becoming human to get another chance at winning, or if you just want to be a little naughty!

The Volt Tackle Hammer – The Volt Tackle Hammer comes in three sizes, the Pichu Fun Size, the Pikachu Power size, and Big Papa Raichu size. Humans have never known that Pikachus can actually make these things, so maybe its about time they learn something new today! In all scenarios, the hammer adds more numbers to a person’s name, which means they now have a much greater chance at being rolled when the Pikachu Rolls happen.

The Pichu Fun Size - This allows you to pick one human and add two more numbers to their name. So if their number was #10, they’re now #10, #11, and #12, greatly increasing the chances their number will be rolled during Pikachu rolls!

The Pikachu Power Size – An upgraded version of the Pichu Fun Size hammer, this allows you to hit a person with Slow Action Pika Flu. And if that wasn’t bad enough, they also get two more numbers to their name (as if they got hit by the Pichu Fun Size hammer) just in case they manage to cure the Slow Action Pika Flu. And to add even more to the fun, the people whose names appear above and below that person on the list of players get two more numbers added to their names as well! Also, if you hit the person on the bottom of the list, the person at the top of the list will be affected, and vice-versa.

The Big Papa Raichu Size – Big, bold, and wholesome, any Pikachu can have the thrill of a lifetime with this. When you get the Big Papa Raichu sized Volt Tackle Hammer, you select one person. Depending on what the person has in terms of protective items, several outcomes may happen.

If they have nothing – The Hammer adds one more fuzzy, yellow, electric rodent to the colony. Instant Pikachu, no questions asked. Welcome them to the family!

If they only have Power Guards – The Hammer will destroy up to two Power Guards (if they only have one, the end effect is the same). Also, they get Slow Action Pika Flu on them, and they get five new numbers added to their name, raising their chance of getting hit with Pikachu Rolls to a very high level.

If they only have Avenger Guards (and possibly Power Guards) – The Hammer immediately triggers their Avenger Guard to start a Pikachu Roll. They may not get Slow Action Pika Flu, but they get five new numbers added to their name now.

If they have Immunity (and possibly Avenger/Power Guards) – The Hammer slaps them with a whopping SEVEN new numbers added to their name, raising their chances of getting hit with Pikachu Rolls to a ridiculously high level. That’s what they get for trying to resist Pika Flu!

IN ALL CASES – the people above and below the target’s name on the list of players are affected by the Big Papa Raichu sized Volt Tackle Hammer as well. Also, like with the Pikachu Power sized hammer if you hit the person on the bottom of the list, the person at the top of the list will be affected, and vice-versa. So yes, the effect will carry over through the bottom and top of the list. The people directly above and below the targeted person get two numbers added to their name and get Slow Action Pika Flu as well (unless they have Immunity, in which case they only get the numbers). Meanwhile, the people two slots above the targeted person just get two more numbers added to their name. Fun for everyone!

Big Bag of Pikachu Candy – Its sweet, its tasty, and it keeps Pikachus enthralled in it to block them from getting Blessed Cure challenges. Who said Pikachus can’t take part in one of the best parts of Halloween? If you’re trying to go for a Blessed Cure, this will help you by blocking a few other Pikachus from getting the Blessed Cure challenges.

When you win the Big Bag of Pikachu candy, you pick three fellow Pikachus to enthrall in its tasty and sugary goodness. The end result is those three Pikachus are barred from taking part in the next Blessed Cure challenge. But this does NOT stop them from using Pikachu Weapons.

The Challenge Trap – It’s like a mouse trap made by electric mice, but it works in reverse!

This is a mean, mean trick you can use on people that just seem to be winning too many challenges or you want to laugh yourself silly. If you get the Challenge Trap, you can use it at any time you like, but once there are only three people remaining, it will disappear. This is definitely one of those things that can’t be taken into the endgame. When you want to use your Challenge Trap, you will silently and quietly create your own challenge with your own created questions and answers, and then secretly PM it to me (All of my challenges have three questions, so follow that same format). When Challenge time comes around, your challenge will be up there and look like a very authentic one, but anyone who goes for it and submits the answers… will find themselves becoming a Pikachu instead! This works better if you make questions similar to mine, rather than doing something totally different. Follow my pattern from past real challenges for maximum effectiveness. Also, be timely with how you use it, and don’t be too quick to use it right away. People will be paranoid of your Challenge Trap in the beginning, so wait for them to get their guard down and then unleash it!

Immunity will be your only protection against someone else’s Challenge Trap, whereas Challenge Traps kill guards and turn you straight into a Pikachu. If you submit correct answers via PM to a Challenge that’s actually a trap, but you have immunity on, you’ll get a message from me that the challenge is a fake (but it leaves the trap open to spring on someone else). However, if you post your answers in the thread itself (another reason to PM me!), Immunity won’t matter, since if I give any warning or do anything to the post, it will give the trap away.

Also, DO NOT alert other people to the trap if you have Immunity on you and you got the fake challenge warning. If you give it away, everyone will thank you for volunteering to set the trap on yourself. You’ll become the Pikachu instead.

So if you have Immunity and challenges are up and you think someone might be using a Challenge Trap, use PMs. Otherwise, you’ll be one very silly and VERY EMBARASSED Pikachu when the trap goes off when you could have avoided it by simply PMing me!

FUN EXTRAS Randomizer – This is the random number generator I will be using throughout the game. So if you get some pretty bad rolls, you know what to blame!

Pikachizer – Okay, so the secret of speaking Pikachu is revealed. Use this to translate your text to the language of electric mice! Very useful for when… well, you actually become a Pikachu. Has many fun uses and can translate entire webpages! Pika-pi!

Pikachu Emoticons – Made by Domie1337 of DeviantArt (Original link here), use these in place of normal smilies. These are much more fun and exciting, so go to town with them!


WARNING: If you become a Pikachu and you take off your Pikachu banner and avatar, that’s considered forfeiting from the game and you will no longer be allowed to participate (Again, it’s a part of the game!) And needless to say, doing this disheartens me a little. Just keep them on and wait for Blessed Cure challenges. They’ll come! Or you can still get in on the action by going for the Pikachu weapons too. So just keep your banner and avatar on, there’s still plenty you can do in this game even after becoming a Pikachu.

And lastly, if you win this massive PSG round, you’ll be able to request banners, avatars, buttons, or whatever from me, unchallenged and uncontested. I get lots of demand all the time, and each and every time, I need to decline it. But if you win, I have no problem at all fulfilling your requests. Also, you’ll get to laugh at the 39 Pikachus that this crazy game threw into action. Now who wouldn’t want that?

So, ready to gamble your humanity for one heck of a prize? Let’s do it!

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