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Default Re: URPG In Black and White!

Lol yay revive!

Well, now that the full IshhuDex has been leaked and we know base stats for quite a few Mon, what are your guys' thoughts on them?

Personally I think Ononokusu and Warugiaru are going to become OU quite quickly, as will Sazando. Urugamoru and Denchura will probably become the popular Bugs, and Wargle just might beat out Staraptor as the go-to Flying Mon. Shanderaa will probably become one of the more popular Ghosts, and Shibirudon will most likely become one of THE most-used Electric Mon, thanks to Levitate giving it no weaknesses and its good stats (though its Speed leaves something to be desired).

Now all we need are movepools and info on the new moves/Abilities ^^.


Also, what Mon do you guys think will be in the Mart? I'm predicting:

-The Starters (obviously)
-The Fossil Mon (Bird and Turtle)
-Kibago OR Monozu (probably Monozu)

Those are the ones I see being most likely to be in the Mart. Obviously the Starters will be and most likely the Fossils.
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