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Default Re: The Pokemon released so far ...

Wow... I am very impressed with what im seeing for this generation. Im already like mentally planning my team... lol

Anyway, I will for sure be starting with Jaroda's line. The whole grass snake bit is pretty badass... though im still waiting for a grass/dragon type.

Gigaiasu looks pretty awesome as well. Its like a big rocky mountain of awesomeness.

Pendoraa also looks pretty awesome. I can't believe it but I may actually end up with a bug/poison on my team.

I really like ghost types and Desukan looks pretty awesome. I definitely forsee one of those on a team of mine in the future.

Mebukijka is also cool looking. I don't typically go for two of one type (especially grass) on my team but Ill probably end up making an exception this time round.

Then again, Denchura looks nice too. It'll be fun to have a bug/lightning type.

But damn... Iv already got six I like and they keep coming... Shanderaa, Furiijio, Goruggo, Urugamosu, and the on the box legendaries are all nice looking as well. I can say for sure that this generation around, it will be a lot tougher to choose a team of six than it was for the last generation.
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