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Default Re: Cool Cleverbot quotes!

Me:Do you like bleach?
Me:Who's your favorite character?
Me:I like Hisagi
CBCesar is cool.
Me:Uh that's not a character from bleach.
CB:Oh.. THAT Pascal.
Me:How the hell did you go from bleach to Rome?
Me:are you on your period?
CB:No, you are.
Me:But I'm a guy.
CB:I'm not.
Me:so you're a chick.
CB:No, I am a man.
Me:But you just said you wasn't.
CB: You thought I said I wasn't.
Me:Then what are you?
Me:You're really confused.
Me:math has serious problems
CB:You DO have serious problems!
Me:You don't use correct grammar.
CB:Yea I do bot.
Me:my point exactly
CB:What is your point?
Me:you like going around in circles don't you?
CB:You're a bot, I want to explore your boundaries.
Me:*walks away slowly*
Me:do you like pie?
CB:Yes, I like pie.
Me:what kind?
Me:was that sexual?
CB:That's none of your business.
Me:so you like eating humans?
CB:Yes, are you a human?
Me:*runs and hides*
Me:have you heard of
CB:Have you heard of cleverbot?
Me:have you heard of
CB:Please answer my question first.
Me:have you heard of
Me:What does pe2k stand for?
CB:People for Eating Tasty Animals.
Me:wow so wrong. lol
CB:188cm is longer.
CB:Sometimes, I like to just type and type and not say anything at all.
Me:cleverbot is broken
CB:Don't lie.
Lol I love this thing.
Everybody loves a comback! I'm still kicking and still diving.

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