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Default Re: Cool Cleverbot quotes!

Really funny, people. But you might be mad if you like Pokemon after seeing this. Cleverbot thinks Pokemon is Ice age and Gone with the Wind!

User: I heard you liek Mudkipz, right?
Cleverbot: I heard you like turtles.
User: Yes, I like Squirtlez.
Cleverbot: ME TOO! I like that one from ice age the movie.
User: It isn't from Ice Age.
Cleverbot: It's from Gone with the Wind.
User: No, it's not. It is from Pokemon.
Cleverbot: No it isn't.
User: Wtf, you are not clever. You don't deserve the name Cleverbot!!!
Cleverbot: My name is not cleverbot.
User: Liar.
Cleverbot: Am not!!
User: ARE TOO!
Cleverbot: I hate you!
User: I love you too.
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