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Default Re: [DS] A New Pokémon Journey: The Elite Tournament [DS]

Originally Posted by ashketchum View Post

Honestly I hadn't even considered that at the time but also because this seems like it is going to be very active by the way everyone is posting and due to the length of people's post. It is going at a nice pace right now if I do say so myself...

At the same time, I am relieved that people aren't posting as their characters at the same length I, Neo, and a few others here do... That would make it kinda hard for some to keep up considering reading gets tiring at times and such...
I have seen some of Neo's post, and my Arcues! They are long! I don't know how he does it. I am lucky to get that rare, long post, but I usually stay around the same length.

And I did notice everyone seems to be posting pretty regularly. It's a pleasant outcome. But on that note, there is still a chance that some may get into a posting frenzy and leave the other players behind, especially in battle scenes is how I see it. Let's hope it doesn't get that bad, though.

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