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Default Re: Nyurghlocke[Diamond]

Originally Posted by Dezagon View Post
Remind me to find my Yellow and do something similar to this. Rigsaw took back his DS and Diamond.

Good luck on the gym leaders, by the way.
Didn't even make it past my next trainer battle.

Donatello the Turtwig - Killed by a Critical Ember
Doofy the Bidoof - Killed by Hidden Power Fighting
Dewey the Budew - Killed by a Critical Ember
Batgirl the Zubat - Killed by a Critical Bite
Gaia the Geodude - Killed by Faint Attack
Lossy the Shellos - Killed by a Critical Bite

I suck at Eulogies...

As for me, I learned something for my next Nuzlocke attempt.

1. Stay away from Critical Hits!
2. Watch out for Hidden Power!
3. Avoid Ponyta because they hack.

So yeah, I might just move on to Heartgold or Emerald, might return to Diamond, I'll link to my new Nuzlocke when I start it.(Tomorrow, probably)

VPP: Giratina, Level100 @ 4,554

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