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Default Re: Stone Evolutions....

Originally Posted by Kamoosekazi View Post
so basically, once a pokemon evolves all of it's stats are moved up according to the base stats of said pokemon? Scaled of course with IVs, EVs, nature, etc?

So basically. I could level Eevee all the way to 100, battle it out for funzies and then evolve it to Flareon and the stats will scale according to Flareon's base stats? Which at this point, I can just go to an move relearner and pick what I would want?

I know this may sound confusing to a lot of you, but the stat smart folks will know what I'm talkin' about lol
Yep, that's correct. As I said, the only thing you need to worry about is the learned moves. Evolution time has no effect on anything else =)
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