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Talking Re: The Pokemon released so far ...

I'm definitely liking the new Pocket Monsters. I did not notice any pre-evolutions or new evolutions of previous generations, which I think is great. They look freaky but cool.

I want a game where the new pokemon are entirely indiginous (spelling) to the new country. If you wanted old Poke's, you'd have to trade with Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

Like you, I also noticed the new bull. Competition for Tauros, trying to cozy up to Miltank.

A possible friend for Stantler? I like the buff looking elk/deer thing.

I also noticed a new spider. An electric one at that. Something other than Spinarak and Ariados.

Are they revamping old Pokemon?

An electric / dragon Pokemon is an awesome idea. I love dragons.

Add the New York City look to the new country, other new battle features... I'm excited!!! This isn't your daddy's Pokemon game. I think I'm gonna like this game.
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