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Default Re: That place that you think about going but don't

Originally Posted by Eevee trainer View Post
I'm interested in these of yours:

Calm Nature
Adamant Nature
Jolly Nature
Timid Nature
Jolly Nature
Adamant Nature
Adamant Nature
Adamant Nature
Flawless Ivs
Adamant Nature
Modest Nature

And I have Pokemon from my thread in my sig, but I'll list them anyway.
Golbat- Lv. 47 -Naïve- T
Poochyena- Lv. 5- Gentle- T
Torkoal - Lv. 28-Docile- UT
Charmander - Lv. 5 –Naughty- UT
Breloom- Lv. 23- Naughty- T
Piplup - Lv. 1-Modest (Egg Move Hydro Pump)- UT
Raikou- Lv. 50- Timid- T
Eevee - Lv. 5 and 1- Modest and Careful (Careful has egg move Wish and Curse)- UT
Slowbro- Lv. 53- Impish- T
Ponyta - Lv. 23- Rash- UT
Squirtle - Lv. 1- Gentle- UT
Golduck -Lv. 48- Naughty-UT
Togepi - Lv. 18- Adamant (With Hustle)-UT
Groudon- Lv. 45- Adamant (Only had PokeRus, no Exp.) -UT
Duskull - Lv. 1- Brave (Egg move Pain Split)-UT
Gastly - Lv. 1- Jolly (Egg move Thunder, Ice, and Fire Punch) -UT
Numel - Lv. 55- Quirky-UT
Snover - Lv. 34- Quiet -T
Starmie- Lv. 100- Sassy (I don't believe it's EV'd)-T
Rayquaza - Lv. 70- Hasty-UT
Riolu - Lv. 1- Adamant (Egg move Crunch and Sky Uppercut)-UT
Horsea - Lv. 20- Timid (Not sure of legitimacy, caught in Master Ball...)-UT
Treecko - Lv. 1- Timid- UT
Aron - Lv. 5- Adamant- UT
Magikarp - Lv. 9- Adamant-UT
Cyndaquil- Lv. 5- Lax- T
Electrike - Lv. 7-Adamant (NN: Trikey)
Ralts - Lv. 5- Adamant (Yes, it's a boy)- UT
Slowpoke - Lv. 1- Careful- UT
Buneary- Lv. 11- Quiet (It had PokeRus, no Exp.)
Bidoof- Lv. 11- Naughty-T
Larvitar -Lv. 6- Docile-UT
Combee- Lv. 19- Docile (Female)-T
Abra- Lv. 4- Modest (Female, no pretty mustache. D: )-UT
Growlithe- Lv. 20- Docile-T
Lapras- Lv. 1- Timid-UT
Shieldon- Lv. 1- Hasty-UT
Pachirisu- Lv. 11- Naïve-UT
Glaceon- Lv. 52- Brave (Japanese)-T
Uxie- Lv. 50- Rash (Cured of PokeRus, no Exp.)
Mesprit- Lv. 50- Bold-UT

Let me know if you want me to list my shiny EV’d as well, sorry for long post. X_x
Are any of those pokemon shiny? And legit?

Originally Posted by kamenblast20 View Post
ok so when and what is ur friend code and name in the game
When I am on and not busy and my fc is in my sign and my ign is Cujo. whats your fc?

My FC: 4297-6886-2794

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