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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Originally Posted by Temporal Snake View Post
Figures that there'd be at least one person who doesn't understand the concept of trying new things and not making tags that look the same as everyone else's with the same overused blurry effects. Lemme guess, you use a Mac.
Originally Posted by DeadSmite View Post
flow is good, the composition needs to be fixed (idk how but it just needs to be), your focal is way too overused and its like seeing it makes me want to throw up blood (a little harsh but its true). with all your grungish looking bg/textures need to be able to blend into the bg to make a more subtle blend look. and the right side is a little empty and the c4d you have out there needs to be erased or moved toward the focal. also try staying away from putting your focal dead center
Clearly, he's trying to tell you what looks just like everyone elses and that you shouldn't do that. If you're reffering to his tag, then that's hardly necessary. This isn't meant to be a flame thread .

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