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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Originally Posted by Temporal Snake View Post
Yeah the text on that one is kinda crap. Anyways, I made three more today...

Honestly, the lighting is bad, there needs to be a little more depth with the focal and the lighting from the blaster needs to me more subtle rather than "right there" as it is. Blend the focal in a little more, it looks sort of copy/pasta'd in there.

flow is good, the composition needs to be fixed (idk how but it just needs to be), your focal is way too overused and its like seeing it makes me want to throw up blood (a little harsh but its true). with all your grungish looking bg/textures need to be able to blend into the bg to make a more subtle blend look. and the right side is a little empty and the c4d you have out there needs to be erased or moved toward the focal. also try staying away from putting your focal dead center

I cant really say too much on this one, except work on depth and stay away from centered focals. also your lighting is off, work on that as well

another sig/tagnature:

xes lliw eb yrotadnam yliad ylthgin. This, women need to be living by it

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