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Default Re: HGSS Discussion/Question & Answer Thread

Answering a few older questions that I know the answer to.

Originally Posted by Cherries View Post
He forgot to add, HG gets kyogre and Latias and SS gets Latios and groundon, but if you don't use legendarys the games are pretty much the same ^,^
Latias/os are not exclusives. You can get the other one in either game through Event.

Originally Posted by Akkodiak View Post
Why the duck did they remove the slot machines from Game Corner
It has something to do with it being a Casino game. In Japanese coppies, you can get the Slot's.

Originally Posted by MikeLanglois View Post
Hey guys, does anyone know where i can find a ralts? I checked bulbapedia but it just says swarm and idk what that means :$

Also, why doesnt battle frontier give exp :(
Well, Swarms are after you get to Kanto, get your National Dex and stuff, and it can be wherever. You might want to see Mary and Oak on your Pokegear and see when it says 'A swarm of Ralts have been spotted by route ____!' or something like that.
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