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Default Re: My Pokemon Ranch Rules

Originally Posted by Speed-X View Post
Well, I used to have at least one of every Pokemon in the ranch. XD I've probably taken out and added a few Pokemon since then, though.

And, yes, My Pokemon Ranch is awesome. You can't do much, but watching all of the Pokemon interact with each other is more amusing than you'd think...well, at least if you have a lot. ^^;

One thing that I've noticed (that I'm sure a lot of others have noticed, too...) is that the Pokemon tend to group up by type. I also have, like, 3 eggs there, and have discovered that they interact with each other, but not with Pokemon... O.o; Hell, just the very fact that they interact in the first place is weird... XD
Your telling me you can Deposit Poké Egg's into the ranch?! Can they hatch there?! AH! lolz. On an other note, it would be neat, if they had an App, or an Addition to "Ranch" that was a Pokémon Breeding tool. So I can save up my cash ingame. =P
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