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Default Re: PE2K Factfile 2.0

• Name: Jacob Cookson
• Name Meaning: Supplanter
• Alias: Japaco, Legend Collector, Cobalt, Cobalt Shadow, c0balt, c0balt95
• Join date: 9/9/2007
• DOB: 19/4/95
• Age: 17
• Birthplace: Victoria, Australia
• Location: Victoria Australia
• Sex: Male
• Race*: I am really not sure
• Ethnicity*: Not sure
• Status: Single
• Orientation: I am straight
• Occupation: Student, Youth Group Guitarist, and Gamers Entertainment Admin (No real jobs)
• Grade: Year 12
• Family: Mum, Step-Dad, annoying Stepbrother (mums side), brother, Dad, Step-Mum, Not-as-annoying step-brother (dad's side)
• Pets: Spud (Cavalier X Poodle) and Phoebe (cat)

• Height: 176cm
• Weight: 67kg
• Shoe Size: 10
• Eye Color: Hazel
• Hair Color: Brown
• Piercings: none
• Tattoos: none

• Color: Crimson red or Cobalt Blue
• Number: 17
• Animal: Hmm I like cats and dogs, but if dragons existed...
• Pokιmon: Gallade, Blaziken, Raikour, Latios or Charizard
• Flower: hmm don't know many
• Food: Nachos
• Candy: Skittles
• Restaurant: Taco Bill

• Movie: Die Hard Series, Fast and the Furious Series, Anchorman, Dickie Roberts Former Child Star
• Movie Genre: Action or Comedy
• Animated Series: The Last Airbender/ The Legend of Korra
• Non-animated TV Series: Modern Family
• Anime:Death Note
• Comedian: Jeff Dunham
• Actor/Actress: Will Ferrel
• Video Game: The Orange Box, Portal 2, PE2k WFL, Pokemon before Gen 5, Minecraft, Skyrim, Mass Effect Series, COD
• Console: Playstation 3 (My PC is weak and my brother got us an xbox -.- the fool!)
• Singer: Michael Paynter
• Band:Nickelback
• Song: At the moment, Break Even by The Script
• Favorite Music Genre: Alternative Rock
• Album: All The Right Reasons, #3

RANDOM: (Also Favorites)
• Character: Ed (The retarded Hyena from the Lion King)
• Quote: (From Modern Family) "I'm the Cool dad, I surf the web, I text lol: laugh out loud, omg: Oh my god, wtf: why the face?", Anything from Anchorman
• Book: Tomorrow when the war began
• Clothing Brand: Element
• Season: Summer
• Day of the Week: Friday (Youth group)
• Month: April
• Sport to play/watch: Play: none, I am no sportsman Watch: Football (AFL)
• Languages spoken:English
• Places traveled: Queensland, New South Wales, LA (transferring flight, never left airport), Dallas (Same as LA), Florida, New York, Pennsylvania (Day trip)
• Hobbies: Guitar (Acoustic, Bass and Electric), Piano, Drums, Singing, Bikeriding (Street riding) Anything technological
• Tags/Keywords: Muso, Nerd

• MySpace: (Who the hell has myspace any more??)
• Facebook:My Profile, Page I admin
• twitter:
• AIM: shad0w.0f.c0balt
• YIM:
• (Never use)
• IGQ:
• Skype: jacooby_cookie95
• DeviantArt:

I am the one on the right with the dark hair and retarded smile. From memory I started laughing at the guy on the bottom when the pic was taken, hence why I look like a spas


Correct as of 19/01/2013

Dragotech, Eternal Moonlight and I are the PE2k Wolf Pack! Fear Fredward the Sparklepire, Bidoof the Soulless and Slenderfairy!
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